Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yoga Video on the iPad

Amazing! For only $4.99 you can get the most convenient yoga application for the iPad boasting wide-screen workout mode and HD picture quality. With over 200 poses with detailed instructions, photo, video and voice this app is ideal for new practitioners and will push the limits of pros as well.

With individual programs available you can set your goals, level and time limits.

From the site

"The instructions are all quite clear, and with the ability to filter poses by ability (from beginner to guru) and type (sitting, standing, etc.), it's easy to find exactly what you're looking for. If you're on the road quite a bit and don't have a 3G iPad, you may want to tap the Download All Content button in the Options section, which will download all of the videos and audio instructions to your device. That data will take up roughly 150 MB in space, but that's better than finding out that what you want to see isn't currently on your device when there's no Wi-Fi in sight."

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hp slate 500 tablet pc said...

Good to know that you don't have to always be able to access wifi for viewing videos on the ipad. This is a great app for those of us on the go that need to engage in a pose or two during stressful times of the day.


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