Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yoga for Proper Digestion

Proper digestion can be modified to be more positive with proper yoga poses and breathing. The quality of the blood depends largely upon its proper oxygenation in the lungs, and if it is under-oxygenated it becomes poor in quality and laden with all sorts of impurities, and the system suffers from lack of nourishment, and often becomes actually poisoned by the waste products remaining uneliminated in the blood. As the entire body,every organ and every part, is dependent upon the blood for nourishment, impure blood must have a serious effect upon the entire system. The remedy is plain--practice the Yogi Complete Breath.

Also, provided here is a video on poses for better digestion:

The stomach and other organs of nutrition suffer much from improper breathing. Not only are they ill nourished by reason of the lack of oxygen, but as the food must absorb oxygen from the blood and become oxygenated before it can be digested and assimilated, it is readily seen how digestion and assimilation is impaired by incorrect breathing. And when assimilation is not normal, the system receives less and less nourishment, the appetite fails, bodily vigor decreases, and energy diminishes, and the man withers and declines. All from the lack of proper breathing. (- Yogi Ramacharaka)

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Yoga Instructor Training said...

Yes, we are indeed "poisoned by the waste products remaining uneliminated in the blood". There are several detox products in the market but many people don't realize that the natural way to get rid of toxin is to do yoga on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing.


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