Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Perception - A Free Yoga Video

In this free yoga video class, John McConnell shows how to do some hip openers and contemplate how perception can play a self-limiting role in our lives. His story is really about what yoga is all about.

John notes, "Yoga is about letting go of weighty perceptions that are self-limiting so we can get to the light, fun stuff. This doesn’t happen over night, and it’s also an ebb and flow of letting go and getting light, and then something else can come along you need to let go off to get back to the light. So, You just keep practicing. As you practice you try to practice with a willingness to shed those views of yourself that aren’t helpful as well as perceptions of your world that don’t do you any good, so you can see your true, fun, light self."

You can find John's video here - Perception

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yoga for Proper Digestion

Proper digestion can be modified to be more positive with proper yoga poses and breathing. The quality of the blood depends largely upon its proper oxygenation in the lungs, and if it is under-oxygenated it becomes poor in quality and laden with all sorts of impurities, and the system suffers from lack of nourishment, and often becomes actually poisoned by the waste products remaining uneliminated in the blood. As the entire body,every organ and every part, is dependent upon the blood for nourishment, impure blood must have a serious effect upon the entire system. The remedy is plain--practice the Yogi Complete Breath.

Also, provided here is a video on poses for better digestion:

The stomach and other organs of nutrition suffer much from improper breathing. Not only are they ill nourished by reason of the lack of oxygen, but as the food must absorb oxygen from the blood and become oxygenated before it can be digested and assimilated, it is readily seen how digestion and assimilation is impaired by incorrect breathing. And when assimilation is not normal, the system receives less and less nourishment, the appetite fails, bodily vigor decreases, and energy diminishes, and the man withers and declines. All from the lack of proper breathing. (- Yogi Ramacharaka)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yoga Video on the iPad

Amazing! For only $4.99 you can get the most convenient yoga application for the iPad boasting wide-screen workout mode and HD picture quality. With over 200 poses with detailed instructions, photo, video and voice this app is ideal for new practitioners and will push the limits of pros as well.

With individual programs available you can set your goals, level and time limits.

From the site

"The instructions are all quite clear, and with the ability to filter poses by ability (from beginner to guru) and type (sitting, standing, etc.), it's easy to find exactly what you're looking for. If you're on the road quite a bit and don't have a 3G iPad, you may want to tap the Download All Content button in the Options section, which will download all of the videos and audio instructions to your device. That data will take up roughly 150 MB in space, but that's better than finding out that what you want to see isn't currently on your device when there's no Wi-Fi in sight."

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yoga for Better Sleep

Guest teacher, Mia Jokiniva shows how to beat insomnia with some basic yoga postures. Relaxation is the most important aspect. The Yoga body Revolution show claims to double your flexibility in 28 days.

Also, during sleep you are in a passive, relaxed condition and all sorts of unseen influences play around you. One interesting option is to try and enclose yourself in an Astral Shell. Concentrate upon your aura and picture it as extending some 18 inches all around you and forming a shell around you. Now take this affirmation to concentrate your mind.

1. I am charging my aura with my Will-Force.

2. It is strong, strong, strong and can and will resist, repel and drive off all bad influences and admit only pure and holy influence.

3. It will remain around me right along the period of my sleep.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Free Beginner Kundalini Yoga Exercise

I happened to stumble across this wonderful set of free Yoga Videos by Anmol Mehta when I was actually looking for something else. He provides a set of free online Kundalini Yoga practices with some additional beginner's guides that teach you the proper guidance when starting out - 10 Important Guidelines for Kundalini Yoga Practice and the Essential Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Practice.

He offers an amazing amount of information about kundalini, chakra, yoga, meditation and overall personal health. From his own site he mentions the following goals and objectives from his teachings:
- help create a vibrant, healthy, strong, trim and fit body.
- help reduce stress and anxiety, while bestowing greater peace and tranquility.
- enhance joy and happiness.
- improve intelligence and awareness. Giving you more insight, intuition and wisdom.
- increase willpower, confidence, aura and charisma.
- help discover your gifts and passions. Unleash your psychic abilities and healing powers.
- to ennhance compassion and sensitivity.
- help uncover your True Divine Nature and live your life at your Highest Human Potential.

Well worth watching! I definitely will be digging deeper into Anmol's work - in fact, I've added his site to my favorites below. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Free Yoga Video - Power Vinyasa Flow

This is one of's most popular classes! If you are looking for a fast-paced, challenging and fun class, then The Power Vinyasa Flow is the one for you. Dawnelles soothing voice takes you through an incredibly creative power vinyasa flow. The full length class begins with a calming & centering intro, then moves through Sun A, Sun B, a creative Sun B flow which includes crescent lunge, triangle, tripod headstand (if youre ready), balances & spine strengtheners, followed by ab work, a creative balancing / hip opening flow and finally ending with a surrender series and savasana.

Create space in both your body and mind, deeply connect with your breath, all while lengthening and strengthening every muscle in your entire body. You will feel amazing and renewed after this incredible Power Vinyasa Flow class.

Yoga Download link:


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