Sunday, April 29, 2007

VideoJug's Free Online Yoga Videos

I recently stumbled across this site that provides a wealth of free online videos about numerous topics. Most of the ones I watched were actually pretty well done and had some deep, expert instruction. At first I didn't think of it that they might have an instructional yoga video series. But, the surprise was is that they do - not bad either and seems to be a good yoga fitness series.

Take a look yourself:

VideoJug: Yoga: Standing Postures - Part 1

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Yoga Videos on the Go!

If you are taking yoga classes while trying to juggle your lifestyle tasks throughout the day you probably are interested in this. Yoga Today is now offering free one-hour online yoga videos filmed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. With new yoga fitness shows every day you are not bound to a static schedule and can view sessions taught by premiere instructors, Neesha Zollinger, Sarah Kline and Adi Amar.

Have a laptop and a wireless connection? Just place on the floor next to your mat and you are set with a free master class every day. That's truly an amazing value considering the time and cost needed to get to and from yoga classes. It's not for everyone especially if you like being close to others having one-on-one access to an instructor. But, even as a supplement you can't go wrong with these yoga videos.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Beginning Yoga Breathing - All You Need To Know

Author: Mike Singh

In yoga, breathing is everything. Breathing is more than just an intake of oxygen. It is also a way of cleansing the body and restoring equilibrium. But, in order to gain high quality results from the breathing that you do, you must do them correctly. There is no quick way to learn the right technique, but here are a few pointers to bear in mind while starting out with yoga breathing.

Kapalabhati- basic yoga breathing. In this method, you learn to breathe in order to purify the body. It is one of the six different Kriyas practices. Your breath is short, strong and fast. The lung acts as a pump that expels the waste from it. Here, you are deliberately breathing faster while breathing through your stomach and not your chest.

Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique- This is another basic yet fundamentally important type of breathing technique. Here, you will breathe through one nostril, hold your breath and then exhale through the opposite nostril. The ratio of inhale:hold:exhale is 2:8:4.

Brahmari- This type of less used yoga breathing is done by partially closing the glottis and then inhaling through both of your nostrils. Your lips are closed and the palate will vibrate due to the nasal airflow.

Sithali, Sitkari- This is a rarely used type of yoga breathing. It works in a different manner. Here you stick your tongue out a little and then softly curl the sides of the tongue up. Now, start inhaling through your mouth.

Yoga exercises are fundamental to the breathing work that you do. In any type of session, you will be taught the fundamentals of breathing. This is due to the simple fact that it is the source of life. It is essential to cleansing the body. It is one of the central focuses of successful, effective yoga.

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About the Author:Mike Singh is the publisher of On his website he provides free yoga exercises and more information about the different types of yoga .

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Free Yoga DVD

Many know that once you begin your journey into yoga the amazing benefits for mind and body keep you coming back for more. However, sometimes it takes a little motivation to get started. 'Yoga Online - Mind & Body' is now offering a Free Beginners Yoga DVDs - Yoga Videos to download online and propel you into a comprehensive approach to health and fitness.

This amazing free Yoga DVD is a high quality, visual instruction for yoga fitness beginners providing 20 yoga postures, repeatable routines, and enjoyable workouts for any age. Yoga Online spent around 600-700 hours to create with the intent to have a guide they wished they had when first starting out.
Here's part of a sample testimonial from the site:

"I just wanted to thank you guys for making the free beginners video available. I'm 48 yrs old. I've been very active my entire life. Currently my principal sport is long distance cycling though I also continue to weight train and run.

Prolonged periods on the bike (and I getting older I suppose) made it really clear that I was getting far out balance. Various aches and pains, running injuries, etc led me to look at Yoga just a few weeks ago. After watching the first video it was clear that Yoga will be included in my daily life. It fills a large void and nicely compliments the strength and endurance training.

I rented at least 5 different top beginner Yoga videos. Not a single one resonates with me the way that yours does. So many of the videos are sold to show a super flexible instructor who, while wonderful to watch, flows from position to position in ways that no beginner ever could....

Thank you again ! Your efforts half way across the world have had a very positive impact in my life. -Robert"


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