Saturday, January 8, 2011

Free Beginner Kundalini Yoga Exercise

I happened to stumble across this wonderful set of free Yoga Videos by Anmol Mehta when I was actually looking for something else. He provides a set of free online Kundalini Yoga practices with some additional beginner's guides that teach you the proper guidance when starting out - 10 Important Guidelines for Kundalini Yoga Practice and the Essential Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Practice.

He offers an amazing amount of information about kundalini, chakra, yoga, meditation and overall personal health. From his own site he mentions the following goals and objectives from his teachings:
- help create a vibrant, healthy, strong, trim and fit body.
- help reduce stress and anxiety, while bestowing greater peace and tranquility.
- enhance joy and happiness.
- improve intelligence and awareness. Giving you more insight, intuition and wisdom.
- increase willpower, confidence, aura and charisma.
- help discover your gifts and passions. Unleash your psychic abilities and healing powers.
- to ennhance compassion and sensitivity.
- help uncover your True Divine Nature and live your life at your Highest Human Potential.

Well worth watching! I definitely will be digging deeper into Anmol's work - in fact, I've added his site to my favorites below. Enjoy.

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