Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Perception - A Free Yoga Video

In this free yoga video class, John McConnell shows how to do some hip openers and contemplate how perception can play a self-limiting role in our lives. His story is really about what yoga is all about.

John notes, "Yoga is about letting go of weighty perceptions that are self-limiting so we can get to the light, fun stuff. This doesn’t happen over night, and it’s also an ebb and flow of letting go and getting light, and then something else can come along you need to let go off to get back to the light. So, You just keep practicing. As you practice you try to practice with a willingness to shed those views of yourself that aren’t helpful as well as perceptions of your world that don’t do you any good, so you can see your true, fun, light self."

You can find John's video here - Perception


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