Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yoga, Meditation and Reincarnation

Recently I have been wondering about how yoga and meditation might tap into reincarnation. Being a spiritual person but not overly religious I've always had a very faint sense of a couple of my past lives. One was as a soldier in WWII and another as a young boy somewhere in the Arabian peninsula - Yemen, I think. I was never really sure if these memories, visions, dreams are really just a fantasy or part of some real threads of past memories.

I first became interested in yoga when my sister gave me a copy of Jess Stern's Yoga, Youth and Reincarnation. As an introduction to Hatha Yoga it really turned me on to the possibility of better health as well as greater mental and spiritual insight. As I started practicing some of the beginning and intermediate exercises I started to notice the physical changes. The benefits of yoga fitness were becoming very visible - however, I wanted to focus on meditation as well.

Now I am reading Many Lives, Many Masters and feeling a sense that using a combination of yoga, meditation and past life research might lead to a highly accelerated state of consciousness and inner peace. Time will tell but I am intrigued.

If any readers have experienced a combination of past life memories and yoga I would love to publish the comments here.

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