Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Yoga Videos on the Go!

If you are taking yoga classes while trying to juggle your lifestyle tasks throughout the day you probably are interested in this. Yoga Today is now offering free one-hour online yoga videos filmed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. With new yoga fitness shows every day you are not bound to a static schedule and can view sessions taught by premiere instructors, Neesha Zollinger, Sarah Kline and Adi Amar.

Have a laptop and a wireless connection? Just place on the floor next to your mat and you are set with a free master class every day. That's truly an amazing value considering the time and cost needed to get to and from yoga classes. It's not for everyone especially if you like being close to others having one-on-one access to an instructor. But, even as a supplement you can't go wrong with these yoga videos.

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