Thursday, April 5, 2007

Free Yoga DVD

Many know that once you begin your journey into yoga the amazing benefits for mind and body keep you coming back for more. However, sometimes it takes a little motivation to get started. 'Yoga Online - Mind & Body' is now offering a Free Beginners Yoga DVDs - Yoga Videos to download online and propel you into a comprehensive approach to health and fitness.

This amazing free Yoga DVD is a high quality, visual instruction for yoga fitness beginners providing 20 yoga postures, repeatable routines, and enjoyable workouts for any age. Yoga Online spent around 600-700 hours to create with the intent to have a guide they wished they had when first starting out.
Here's part of a sample testimonial from the site:

"I just wanted to thank you guys for making the free beginners video available. I'm 48 yrs old. I've been very active my entire life. Currently my principal sport is long distance cycling though I also continue to weight train and run.

Prolonged periods on the bike (and I getting older I suppose) made it really clear that I was getting far out balance. Various aches and pains, running injuries, etc led me to look at Yoga just a few weeks ago. After watching the first video it was clear that Yoga will be included in my daily life. It fills a large void and nicely compliments the strength and endurance training.

I rented at least 5 different top beginner Yoga videos. Not a single one resonates with me the way that yours does. So many of the videos are sold to show a super flexible instructor who, while wonderful to watch, flows from position to position in ways that no beginner ever could....

Thank you again ! Your efforts half way across the world have had a very positive impact in my life. -Robert"

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