Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yoga and Agelessness

If you've ever seen anyone in their 60's, 70's or 80's who are avid practitioners of yoga you understand the amazing youthful benefits it can provide.

Susan Barclay, a hypnotherapist and exercise instructor, is the producer of "Light Moves" - an exercise video, released in 2005, that uses stretching, balancing and strengthening exercises to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit. She has been involved with the practice and teaching of yoga fitness for years, and says that the concept of agelessness comes from some of the principles of yoga.

The goal of "Light Moves" is to improve flexibility in the mind, body and spirit.
"The secret of Light Moves' power lies in the combination of carefully choreographed moves, specially designed music, and positive statements (called Reflections) that use the transformative energy of your own inner resources."

Barclay says that learning agelessness is learning to stay healthy in body, mind and spirit to live life as fully as possible each moment. Agelessness involves listening to the inner self and being only as old as a person feels, not letting society determine how a person is supposed to act or feel based on a number.

"The Instructional Segments lead you through yoga- and Pilates-style stretches,
balance moves and strengthening exercises. As in Tai-Chi, the moves flow
into one another like a sensuous dance. And once you can do the moves
comfortably, the Performance Segment alone will guide your workout. There,
you'll hear the Reflections voiced softly but clearly in the background.
Since your conscious mind is focused on movement, the Reflections are
mostly heard at an unconscious level. This increases your power to use the
positive statements to bring about the changes you want to see and feel in

You can check out Light Moves here!

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