Monday, August 31, 2009

Yoga Fitness and Happiness with Mind Body Smile

This is a very thoughtful video on yoga breathing techniques. As a great way to warm up your yoga practice, Dr. Rob's plan will refresh and renew.

Be sure to visit their site MindBodySmile when you get a chance. Enjoy.

Video transcription:
Another spectacular day in the Universe
Yoga breath, my intention of the day
The first thing we do as an independent being and new
To take a breath, you do not think, each cell knows just what to do
Yet a shallow breath is often what we do, forgetting the control and connection with you
To not fill our lungs, less oxygen and we do not renew
It is an unconscious thing, poor posture, bad habits, and many unhappy things
Yet the yogi’s know, the breath is the best, a vital practice to make you new
To focus on the breath, a special yoga thing, to reconnect the mind and all beautiful things
To bring the energy of life, a mindfully conscious and uplifting flight
To release tension, bring strength and allow all things to be
For the best of a breath, I start with the nose, a slow wave in
Fill up the abdominal lungs first, then expand the chest, feeling the energy flow in to you
In slow, focus the expansion of the intercostals, strength of the abdominals, subclavicular too
Then the top of the lungs, building up for you, for God is all of me and of you
Feel the energy of life, and the beauty of the Universe in you
Now feel it at its peak, a moment at the top, the beauty of all things
Now slowly out with a smile, loving life all of the while, more wonderful things
You focused on the breath, for this is what brings in clean energy for you
Becoming mindful of the body, the earth, the Universe, and all things that are loving in you


Dr. Rob


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A.J.Anto said...

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Yoga Fitness

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