Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yoga Video Series from Expert Village

Expert Village has a great online video series hosted by Lynne Nicole Smith. She is a certified yoga instructor and registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. She is also a certified integral qigong and tai chi teacher and dance instructor. She leads classes and workshops throughout New England at various retreat centers, yoga studios, senior centers and elementary schools, and is now expanding her movement instruction on a national level.

Coming from the Sanskrit root meaning "to bind" or "join", the word yoga is about joining the mind to the body, the human to the divine, or the individual to the infinite.

The various styles of yoga share a common belief: positioning the body into a particular posture while focusing mind and breath leads to physical and spiritual well-being. The arts of positioning the body has been passed on for thousands of years, and encompass some of the oldest cultural traditions known to exist. To practice yoga, then, is also to join with the ancient sages, drawing human history up into oneself and connecting with the past, present and future. In this free video series on yoga, registered yoga instructor, Lynn Nicole Smith performs several yoga poses for relieving stress and increasing flexibility.

Smith discusses a few breathing techniques, including: the ha breath, mindful breathing, the three-part breath and even the barrel breath. She then demonstrates a variety of yoga poses, such as: the warrior two pose, triangle pose, tree pose, straddle stretch, cat and dog pose, pigeon pose and the wind-relieving pose. Watch these videos and learn several rejuvenating yoga poses today.

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