Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yoga In The Workforce - The Health Benefits Of Practicing Yoga At Work

More and more employers are realizing the benefits of practicing Yoga in the workforce. With the increase in stress levels of employees, employers are now exploring different ways of relieving these stresses. While some are allowing employees to take naps others have decided to begin practicing yoga at work.

Some businesses have even gone so far as incorporating yoga into the daily routine of their employees and have seen an increase in productivity as well as a more content workforce.

Many employers have become aware of the fact that in addition to reducing stress they're also contributing to the overall health of their employees. As a result employees are taking fewer days off work for sickness. It just makes good business sense to encourage Yoga in the workplace as it seems to be paying dividends in the long term.

Yoga has increased in popularity with business professionals who lead a fast paced and stressful life who find that regular sessions of yoga help to reduce their stress considerably and make them more productive.

The fact that a person practicing Yoga doesn't require the use of bulky equipment simply means that Yoga can be practiced anywhere and is not restricted to a gym or even a designated room within the office. A practitioner can easily perform a series of Yoga exercises at their desk with the use of a reasonable chair in a carpeted office. This makes it convenient for the practitioner as well as economical for the employer.

Another benefit to the employer is the fact that Yoga can be practiced by employees of all ages. Even people who have never exercised in their life are able to start yoga and see results almost immediately. Practicing Yoga in the workplace can also help in relieving those aches and pains which are so common among those employees who work for hours sitting at a desk working on a computer.

Research has shown that taking short breaks during the day where basic yoga exercises are performed can relieve pain, reduce fatigue and increase safety in the workforce due to the improvements in these areas. While all employees would benefit by having Yoga in the workforce, employees whose daily tasks are repetitive such as office workers or factory workers would benefit most from practicing yoga in the workforce.

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