Monday, January 14, 2008

My Personal Yoga Journey

I should start this post by noting that I haven't updated it in six weeks due to my own personal journey getting back into yoga again. After Thanksgiving I had gained yet another five pounds of body fat and was reaching my point of ultimate frustration. Part of the reason I started this blog in the first place was to not only learn about yoga - but also to motivate myself to get back into doing it as a part of my lifestyle. I really want to change my life.

My Own Yoga FitnessSo, beginning about December 1st I started a full yoga program - be it only 30 minutes a day. But, from Nov 26th to Dec 24th I was doing yoga about six days a week. At first I was very disappointed with my overall yoga fitness - my flexibility was horrible, I started to see how poorly I was breathing, and my balance was completely shot. Nevertheless, I kept at it.

By the end of December much had changed for the positive. First, I lost five pounds over the month! Second, my flexibility increased dramatically - funny story; near the end of Dec. I was at home and happened to drop some papers on the floor. When I reached down to pick them up I literally just about flipped over completely on my back. My head accelerated so fast toward the floor due to my increased flexibility that I thought I was going to knock myself out by conking my forehead. I haven't seen the floor accelerate toward me so fast!

I imagine you're wondering what kind of workout I was doing. I just started with simple Hatha Yoga positions and some breathing. Now, I didn't dig deep on the breathing side - just basic breath with positions. If you look at my October 22nd entry on Beginning Yoga you will see the kinds of positions I was doing.

I hope this gives you some charge to get started or to get back into yoga!

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